Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast? battery issues and solutions

Ever looked at your iPhone, and noticing that your battery was surprisingly low, wondered, “Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast?” Some people simply think their iPhone battery is simply „dying” when it drains overnight, but that might not even be the case. iPhone 5 and 6 battery issues – my iPhone battery keeps …

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New Battery = Faster iPhone

As we reported earlier here, Apple acknowledges slowing iPhones. All batteries are consumable components that become less effective as they chemically age and then their ability to hold a charge diminishes. If you have had your iPhone for over a year then your battery could be starting to wear down. All rechargeable batteries lose their …

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Apple acknowledges slowing iPhones

As we reported earlier, Geekbench tests showed that iPhones with worn-down batteries slow down and no longer offer the performance expected from a new phone; Apple has managed to pull this trick off in a way that users start thinking about buying a new phone. Or perhaps it wasn’t such a good trick after all? …