Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast? How to fix it?

Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast? battery issues and solutions

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Have you ever looked at your iPhone noticing that your battery was surprisingly low? Sometimes Apple users face the issue that their iPhone battery drains overnight. In order to solve this problem, it’s important to identify the root cause of iPhone battery problems.

Our aim with this article is to guide you through all the reasons of a battery drain. Though some problems are specific and depend on the type of iPhone you use, many problems are general and can occur with any type of iPhone. We would like to show you some tips and tricks that will help you with iPhone battery problems. Now, let’s have a closer look at this issue.

Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast all of a sudden?

When you realize that your iPhone battery drains overnight, you start looking for the reasons right away. There are numerous reasons this might happen, ranging from excessive display brightness to battery-hungry apps. So why is your iPhone battery draining so fast all of a sudden? Let’s see the possible reason in more detail.

Reasons your iPhone battery is draining fast all of a sudden

1. Check your battery usage

This might be an obvious reason, however, lots of Apple users skim over this. Many iOS device owners start using their iPhone twice or even three times as much without knowing it. So when you ask the questions ‘Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast all of a sudden?’, it’s important to check this data first.

In order to check your battery usage, open your Settings, click on Battery, and check your Battery usage.

If you check it for the last 10 days, you can see if any of the bars in the graph is significantly taller than the others. If that’s the case, on that day you used your iPhone a lot more than usual. This could be one of the reasons why your iPhone battery is draining fast all of a sudden.

2. Check for apps running in the background

If you experience your iPhone battery draining fast all of a sudden, it’s important to check if you have any apps running in the background that you are not even using.

It’s important to always close the apps when you’re done using them. Check if any of them are still running and force-quit them. Now you can check if your iPhone battery is still draining fast or the problem has been fixed by this step.

4. Are there any battery-hungry apps on your iPhone?

If you have checked the above issues but didn’t find the solution, you might be still wondering why your iPhone battery is draining so fast all of a sudden.

Another thing you might check if there are any apps downloaded that consume too much power. You will find this information if you click on Settings and Battery. If you click on the Last 24 hours tab, you will see the Battery Usage by App section. If you find that any apps use too much power, you can close them so when you don’t use them, they won’t drain your battery.

These can be the general reasons when you see that your iPhone battery drains overnight. Now let’s see the possible quick fixes that could help if your iPhone battery is draining too fast.

iPhone battery draining fast – including iPhone 5 and 6 battery issues

Why is my iphone battery draining so fast all of a sudden? It has been a busy topic since day one among iOS users.

Since you’re reading this post, I assume you are facing this issue and wondering how to fix your iPhone battery problems. We’ve got many tips to fix battery life on any iPhone, including iPhone 5iPhone 5SiPhone 6iPhone 6s, iPhone 7iPhone 8iPhone XiPhone SE and iPhone XS. 

In addition to covering the regular tips for saving your battery on an iPhone, we will also look at a couple methods we’ve tried when fixing battery life problems here in our iPhone Repair Shop.

We know that iPhones are great, but nothing ruins your enjoyment of them more than when your iPhone dies too quickly. Here’s what you can do to save some additional battery life:

Our tips to help when your iPhone battery is draining fast

1. Turn off ‘Raise to Wake’ option on your iPhone. Raise to wake means that when you raise your Apple device to have a look at it, the screen turns on automatically. Usually, the heaviest toll on battery life is the screen „ON” time. So if have been experiencing lately that your iPhone battery drains overnight, turn off this option.

2. Enable automatic App Updates – Regular app updates will make sure that no faulty applications will drain your battery while using them or when they run in the background. This can be a quick fix for your iPhone battery problem.

3. Reduce the Number of Widgets on the Lock Screen on iOS 10.3 and above. Any active widget will mean that the application is connected because it will at least partially run in the background to provide the updates you see in the widgets.

4. Turn off ‘Background App Refresh’. This step will make sure that all apps running in the background will only be there as cached versions. So they will not update in the background regularly. Disabling this will surely improve battery life but might also limit the functionality of some applications.

5. Set Location Services to ‘Only While Using the App’. This will also surely reduce the battery drain but may limit some Apps functionality, as it will only access your location while you are using the App that needs your location.

6. Leave your iPhone facing down when not in use. This will reduce the screen’s “ON” time.

7. Turn on Low Power Mode. If you experience that your iPhone battery is draining fast all of a sudden, this quick fix should be one of the last resolutions as it will greatly reduce your Apple device’s power. If you turn on Low Power Mode, it will include the restriction of background application refresh, screen brightness, and CPU speed – just to mention some examples.

8. Turn On ‘Reduce Motion’. This feature will reduce the motion sensitivity of your iPhone. It means that your iOS device won’t be so precise with the static background’s movement and tilting in general. But in return will save you some battery on the long term. If you have iPhone battery problems, this can help you.

9. Turn on ‘Airplane Mode’ in locations with poor ReceptionWhen your phone is in airplane mode, all of its antennas such as the GSM, WIFI and Bluetooth are switched off. This will save a lot of energy but at the same time will leave you completely offline. It’s good to know that if your reception often disconnects, it takes a lot of extra effort for your phone to re-scan the signal (WIFI, GSM or Bluetooth alike) and connect again.

10. Restart your iPhone if you think your iPhone battery is draining too fast. It’s generally a good practice to restart your iPhone every now and then, and with the restart you can clear the system and application cache at once. Restarting your phone too often though is not the best idea as it normally requires a lot of energy.

We hope this article has helped you fixing the issue of a fast-draining iPhone battery.

Remember, the first thing you want to do is figure out whether you’re using your iPhone differently than you did before. Some software updates and the previously mentioned practices could account for some of your battery problems. But if you’re confident it’s more than that and you can’t find the root cause, we’ll help you fix almost any known issue and save your iPhone’s precious battery life.

We use always a Genuine Apple battery during the repair.

We hope you liked this article. If you think it could be useful to others, free feel to share it with your friends and relatives. If you still have any queries or some suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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