iPhone Battery Replacement

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Reliable and cheap iPhone battery replacement

The iPhone battery replacement is the most common iPhone repair service that iPhone Repair Base provides.

Our iPhone Battery Replacements start at ONLY £19.

We provide the following for replacements:

Genuine Apple batteries on all replacements

1 Year Warranty on all iPhone repairs and replacements

FREE diagnostic of your iPhone including testing the battery

We know how annoying it is when your iPhone battery is draining fast and you can not use it like normal, that is why we can fix them while customers are waiting in our shop in Ipswich.

There are many reasons why your battery can stop working or the battery isn’t lasting as long, including overcharging your phone. iPhone battery life is usually 2-3 years.  iPhone Repair Base is here to help, and our customers can use their phones in as little as 10 minutes from us starting work on it. We provide a large range of genuine iPhone batteries for all types of iPhone battery replacements.

If you are unsure if it’s your battery then pop in and we will do a FREE diagnostic of your battery to determine the issue you’re having with your iPhone. Remember, if we can’t fix it ….. you don’t pay a penny.

PLUS No appointment is needed.

iPhones are famous for their durability, so it will take some serious attempts to make them totally irreparable. Fortunately, people usually end up with more damage.

If your iPhone needs a new battery just pop into our shop at any time in our opening times or order online and post it to us. Our shop address is 21 Edmonton Close, Kesgrave, Ipswich, IP5 1HE.

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PLUS NOTE: Non-genuine batteries can cause any damage to the motherboard. Fake batteries are very dangerous