4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Cheap USB Charger

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4 reasons why you shouldn’t buy a cheap USB charger plugThere are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t buy a cheap USB charger, iPhone Repair Base explains why!

The use of a non-genuine charger will sooner or later cause damage to your device or slow the charging rate, but it could also turn into a more serious problem.

4 reasons why you shouldn’t buy a cheap USB charger

A cheap USB charger cable can cause slow charging of your iPhone

With an original charger your device needs approximately five hours to reach the full power trip point. But this process could last 19 hours with an imitation cable. Of course, we don’t want to say that all the cheap cables are poor quality, but it’s worth considering what you spend your money on.

It could damage your phone’s battery

For safe and speedy charging, your charger needs the appropriate circuitry. So it can recognize when your battery doesn’t need any more power. Without this function, your charger could seriously harm your battery or the device itself.

It could also ruin your iPhone or iPad

A 2014 report showed the fact that the cheap USB Lightning cables caused effective damage to the iPhone 5. Specifically, it ruined a chip (U2 IC) that supports the correct function of the software. This chip controls the battery, the buttons of the device, and the USB inputs. It’s also a very expensive part of the device to replace, just because you are using a cheap charger cable.

This kind of money-saving could cost you your life

There are many reports that cheap, non-genuine charging cables can cause fires. We’ve heard many stories about exploding phone batteries caused serious burns and electric shocks. However, in 2014 in Sidney, the local police got a call about a woman who died from an electric shock caused by a cheap charging cable with an unidentified origin.

We think that it’s worth buying the best USB charger you can afford. One that is made specifically to work correctly with your device. If you need a new charger, we are at your service, we have a wide choice of the best quality chargers available in our shop.

How to Identify the genuine iPhone lightning cable or charger?

You can buy genuine Apple charger for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

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