How to Replace the Screen Protector Foil of an iPhone

Replace the Screen Protector Foil of an iPhone

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Replace the Screen Protector Foil of an iPhone - iPhone Repair BaseThe team at iPhone Repair Base explain how to replace the Screen Protector foil of an iPhone. Your iPhone’s screen protector foil has broken. You’re lucky, it’s much more expensive to replace your iPhone’s display than its screen protector.

But you should know that the efficiency of a broken screen protector is much less than an intact one’s, so you should replace the broken screen protector as soon as you can. We shall show you how:

Replace the Screen Protector Foil of an iPhone

Before you start the removal of the screen protector, use a hair dryer on the lowest temperature setting for 15 sec. This will gently warm the protector foil, and the glue under it should dissolve and soften a bit, easing removal.

Starting at the corners try to remove the iPhone’s screen protector foil with your fingers! We suggest you do it slowly, carefully, and steadily in order not to scratch the display of the iPhone. If you are struggling with your fingers, you could use a credit card, place it between the emerging foil and the screen, then with a slow and steady press, you should easily remove the screen protector foil.

Reinstalling the iPhone’s new tempered glass foil screen protector

Hopefully, you installed the screen protector a long time ago when you bought your iPhone (or at best the team at iPhone Repair Base did it!), so it’s likely that you don’t remember how to install it properly. If this is the case, you can choose to replace it yourself or bring it to us for a professional installation.

It is very important to note that you must have clean hands free from any dust and dirt, this will prevent you from finding it on your screen after the installation.

Clean the screen of your phone with an alcoholic cleaning wipe (usually supplied with the protector foil). If you didn’t get a cleaner, you can use a microfibre cloth. Take your iPhone screen protector foil and peel off its cover from the sticky side. Join the foil up to the screen very carefully, mind the cut outs of the Home buttons, the microphone and the camera!

When you get the correct alignment, slowly place the foil on to the screen beginning at the top gently moving down. Use a credit card or the tool supplied with your new screen for scraping and removing any air bubbles. You have to remove all the bubbles! Begin this process from the middle and slowly push the bubbles out to the edges of the iPhone’s screen!

If you have any tiny creases on your iPhone screen protector foil you should replace it immediately.

Our experience tells us the first few installations are always the most difficult, so we suggest you to visit our shop, where we will install any screen protector foil bought from us for free.

You can buy a tempered glass screen protector for your iPhone or iPad here.

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