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Contact the team at iPhone Repair Base with anything relating to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. We are based in Ipswich, so pop in and discuss your repair or replacement issue.

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iPhone Repair Base offer many things including iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, Logic Board Repair, iPhone Unlocking and we have a great accessories shop too.

Did you also know we offer battery replacements?

We only use genuine apple batteries and provide a FREE diagnostic of your iPhone including testing the battery.  If that isn’t enough you will receive a 1 Year Warranty on all iPhone repairs and replacements.

If you can’t get to us then simply send us an email or fill in the contact form below and you can pop your device in the post and we can get it replaced or fixed for you as soon as possible.

The team here are a friendly team who are always here to help. We also provide many blogs that can help you with your device and any new updates on Apple or our business itself.

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We use ORIGINAL Apple parts for repairing all iPhone models.

If you compare our prices with those of other services and find them to be cheaper, please keep in mind that there is a significant difference in quality between the original Apple screenbatterycameramicrophonespeakercharging port, etc., and the cheap, poor quality Chinese parts that other services may use.

Often, the lower quality and cheaper replacement batteries have a lower capacity compared to the original Apple battery that is two years old. So your phone’s battery life may drain faster than it did with the original battery you took to service for a replacement.

Another significant difference in batteries is that cheap, low-quality ones can be HAZARDOUS.

In the past 13 years, we have witnessed over 250 iPhones CATCHING FIRE due to issues with their batteries.

Do not use poor-quality parts in your expensive iPhone, and most importantly, do not use a battery that could endanger your own life or the lives of your family members.

It’s very important to use only ORIGINAL CHARGING CABLES and CHARGING PLUGS for your iPhone. Refrain from buying a cable that costs only £1 on eBay, Poundland, Tesco, or elsewhere, as it can cause damage to your battery, charging port, or charging chip on your iPhone’s motherboard, which is responsible for charging.

These repairs cost between £60 and £180, depending on the type of your iPhone. This amount is much higher than the cost of buying a new, original Apple cable, which is priced at £19 by Apple. However, you can now purchase the cable from us at an almost 50% DISCOUNT for £10.

Don’t be a victim!

iPhone Repair Base = Repairs using original parts that are 50-90% cheaper than Apple’s prices. Screen and battery replacement in 10 minutes. Other repairs usually within half an hour.

13 years of experience, 5-star service. 1-year warranty on all repairs!