Best ways to keep your iPhone from damages

Woman with a damaged iPhone

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iPhones are fast and powerful with a great design. When you buy a new Apple device, you want to make sure that you don’t break it or damage it. Though they are built to be long-lasting, an accidental drop or exposure to liquid can occur. In order to avoid some serious problems, we have listed the best ways to keep your iPhone from damages.

1. To protect your iPhone from damages, use a screen protector

Screen protectors have already saved many iPhones.

We all know that accidents can happen so even if you’re extremely careful, you may drop your iPhone unintentionally. Nobody wants to hear the shattering sound of a breaking screen. As a result, one should do everything to prevent such an accident  and further screen replacement

Without a screen, your iPhone cannot be operated. So it’s not something you can save on. iPhone screen repairs may be costly. For that reason, you probably want to invest in a good quality screen protector.

Though iPhones are solid and can last for a very long time, we all want thin phones. As a result, the glass used in an iPhone will be fragile and delicate. You may want to compare it to an eggshell. If it’s handled with care, nothing will happen, and your phone will be in perfect condition for many years to come. But the moment it’s not handled properly, it can crack easily.

You can use a plastic film protector – it will only protect your iPhone from scratches. iPhones owners may also buy a tempered glass screen protector which is more resistant, but the display is identical to the original one.

You may find a range of high-quality screen protectors in this iPhone accessories webshop.

If the damage is done, visit our iPhone Repair Shop for a quick fix with high-quality parts.

2. Buy a quality iPhone case

Another effective way to keep your iPhone from damages is to buy a quality iPhone case.

There are many protective iPhone cases so probably you can find a good one for any type of iPhone. Quality phone cases protect the body of your Apple device, not only the screen.

iPhone cases come in all colours and materials, so you can experiment with the appearance of your Apple device. Some of them are relatively heavy, while other ones are quite light. You may buy waterproof or dustproof iPhone cases if your job or daily activities require such protection.

Check our quality iPhone cases here.

3. Maximise your iPhone’s battery life by charging it properly

In order to maximise your battery life, make sure that you have updated your iPhone and now use the latest software. Apple updates often contain some energy-saving changes, so check that you have the latest version.

You should also avoid charging your iPhone to 100% because it will eventually shorten your battery’s lifespan. It’s best to keep the power level between 45-75%.

4. Always hold your iOS device with a firm grip

This might seem to be obvious, many accidents occur because the iPhone owner doesn’t have a firm grip of his or her device. The way you hold your iPhone or even iPad can prevent your iOS device from falling out of your hands. Always keep it safely, with a firm grip. As a result, you can protect the body of your gadget and avoid serious damages to the screen.

5. Avoid extreme temperatures

If you want to keep your iPhone from damages, don’t leave your iOS device in too cold or too hot weather for a prolonged period of time.

Just like any electronic device, Apple gadgets don’t like extreme temperatures. Heat or too cold weather can easily damage them. Exposure to these temperatures can harm the battery and other internal parts as well and it may end up in shorter battery lifespan or loss of data.

Your iPhone may get so damaged that a ‘simple repair’ can’t help it so you would need to buy a new device.

It’s very easy to prevent damages caused by extreme temperatures. During the summer times, don’t leave your iPhone exposed to the sun for a long time. During the wintertime, keep your iPhone in your pocket to keep it relatively warm.  If you have left your iPhone exposed to the scorching sun or in the cold, take them inside and let them stay at room temperature for a while. Don’t try to warm them up or cool them down too rapidly. Such quick temperature change can lead to precipitation in your iOS device leading to water damage.

6. Never leave your iPhone unattended

More often than not, people leave their iPhones unattended, and it can easily be attained by young children or pets.

Though more and more parents decide to allow their children to play with their Apple devices, make sure that your kid is old enough to handle your iPhone with care. Otherwise, it can easily break.

If you’re not careful enough, you may even lose your iPhone. Thankfully, you can track and find it relatively easily. In this article, you can read about how to track a lost iPhone.

Also, you should avoid keeping your phone close to your keys or other sharp objects. If it’s in your pocket, keep it separated from other items so you can avoid damages to your iPhone screen.

7. You can protect your iPhone from damages if you keep it away from water

Water is one of the biggest enemies of iPhones. Never take your iPhone to the bathroom or near water because it can slip from your hands.

If you have dropped your device in liquid, don’t try to turn it on or plug it in. Find the nearest iPhone Repair Shop to see if your phone can be repaired.  We have created this guide to show what you should do if you have dropped your iPhone in liquid.

8. Find a professional iPhone Repair Service

It’s just natural that people sometimes need to visit Repair Shops – even if you have an Apple device. We may drop our phone when it’s not in the phone case or the phone can have a charging problem. iOS devices are great. However, no one wants to go and simply buy a new one if it can be fixed for a fraction of a price of a new iPhone or iPad.

It’s very important to find an iPhone Repair shop that you trust. It’s important to know that your Apple device is fixed with care, using quality parts.

If your iPhone or any other Apple device has a broken screen or some other issues, visit iPhone Repair Base in Kesgrave, Ipswich, or send your device via post. We have many iPhone parts in stock, and we only work with quality items so that we can ensure a quality repair. You don’t need an appointment – just drop in during our opening hours if you live near Ipswich or post your device and we’ll be able to repair it within 24 hours.

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