iPhone batteries draining so fast at winter: Here is Why!

iPhone batteries draining so fast at winter

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Why iPhone batteries draining so fast at winter and how to prevent it?

iPhone batteries draining so fast at winter? Why!

One effect of cold weather is poor battery performance – it’s possible for your iPhone to suddenly die despite indicating 30% battery life time left. So why is it that your iPhone battery dies in cold weather?

If your phone’s level of warmth drops below 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) or gets above 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) its function is likely to fail.

Lithium-Ion batteries suffer in extreme cold temperatures

Whilst using your device in a very cold environment the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries inside iPhones contain an electrolyte liquid that crystallises.

This prevents electricity from flowing through the battery, which can stop the phone from working altogether.

Thankfully there’s typically nothing to worry about when this happens.

Once your phone reaches a warmer temperature again, it should resume its normal function.

But make sure you don’t turn on your iPhone right away!

Turning on a cold device can warm it quickly. The rapid change in temperature can expand components too quickly, causing damage.

There are options for you to use to prevent your iPhone struggling with performance during the winter months.

iPhone Tips for Cold Weather

How to keep your phone alive as long as possible!

Here are some handy and effective tips:

To keep your phone working for as long as possible while it’s cold outside, the best thing you can do is to keep it warm.

  • Use a High-Tech Thermal Protection Case in winter months. Optimal is an active, electronic thermal protection case. It will help maintain the temperature of your iPhone in hot or cold weather.
  • Keep your iPhone in an internal pocket of your purse/briefcase/backpack; or, better yet, keep it inside your pocket so it can maintain a constant temperature from your natural body warmth.
  • Try not to take many photos or record videos in extremely low temperatures. These are battery draining activities that exacerbate the drain in cold weather.
  • Use an external charger to give your iPhone battery a boost when it needs it. Also helpful when it’s extra cold just in case your phone unexpectedly dies on you mid-day.
  • Don’t Leave Your iPhone in the car as the temperature can easily drop below zero.

Use the Apple Watch to Access iPhone Functionality

The Apple Watch may function better in cold weather. The device’s operating temperature range is the same as the iPhone — 0º C to 35º C (32º F to 95º F). Certain aspects of the Apple Watch may enable it to fare better in cold weather. Since the Apple Watch is worn on your wrist, heat from your body will keep it from getting too cold.

We use always a Genuine Apple battery during the repair.

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