What to do when your AirPods won’t turn on or charge?

AirPods in a case

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Undoubtedly, AirPods are one of the best wireless earbuds available today. They provide a unique music experience, and they connect incredibly quickly to any compatible device. Many people don’t know what to do when their AirPods won’t turn on or charge. We know that dealing with these issues can be stressful, so we would like to show you some fixes you can try before buying a new pair of AirPods.

What happens if your AirPods won’t turn on or charge?

If your AirPods won’t turn on or charge, the first step is to try to troubleshoot the problem. Many reasons can cause these issues. You can find the most common causes below:

  • The lightning cable has to be replaced
  • Your iOS device needs a software update
  • AirPod batteries are not working properly
  • There is a problem with the charging case battery
  • Dust and Debris can cause the problem


Your AirPods won’t turn on – You need to check your AirPods’ battery

Though AirPods are very high-quality devices, they cannot be without their fair share of faults. You can easily run into issues.

One of these issues is when your AirPods won’t turn on. Before panicking, check the battery level of your AirPods. The most common issue is that your AirPods are low on power. First, try charging them by putting them in the charging case. Then plug the case in the USB charger or port.

Remember that Apple recommends iPad or iPhone USB chargers.

If a simple recharge didn’t solve the problem, you can try to charge your AirPods for a longer period of time. Charge your AirPods for at least 6 hours – if your wireless earbuds remain unresponsive, it’s time to give them a reset.

How to reset your AirPods

Sometimes you can fix Airpods battery issues by resetting them. If you want to try this quick solution, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap Bluetooth
  3. Check the device listings and find your iPods.
  4. Click on the ‘i’ button.
  5. Now click on ‘Forget this device’.
  6. Place your AirPods in the charging case, close its lid.
  7. Now it’s time to open the lid.
  8. Press and hold the setup button – you fill find it on the back of the charging case. You will need to hold the button until the status light is white.
  9. Now take your AirPods to the device you want to connect them to
  10. By following the steps on your iOS device, connect your AirPods again.

In case the problem persists, you can move on and try other tricks to fix the problem.

If your AirPods won’t turn on, check the charging case battery

If your AirPods won’t turn on or charge, there might be a problem with the charging case battery.

Try to charge your case without the AirPods. It usually takes 15 minutes to power your AirPods for 3 hours. If it’s not working, the problem is caused by the charging case.

You need to check your charging cable

Apple recommends using Apple cables as they work perfectly with all iOS devices. Charging cables may be faulty, especially if they have been used for quite a long time. Unfortunately, many customers use fake or off-brand cables that can adversely affect your iOS devices.

Check your AirPods for dust and debris

If your AirPods won’t charge, you need to check if your Apple device is completely free of any dust and debris.

If you check your AirPods, you’ll find some small tips on the bottom. These have to make contact with the case properly, otherwise, they cannot charge appropriately.

Clean thoroughly your AirPods as well as your charging case and when placing back your device to the case, you will feel a strong magnetic snap.

Check your AirPods for software updates 

The fact that your AirPods can’t turn on can be caused by software problems. Sometimes your software is outdated and needs to be updated in order to work again properly. Apple tends to release updates periodically, so always make sure that you have updated your Apple devices.

Though you can’t check any updates if your device is off, you should update your iPhone or Mac and see if it solves the problem.

Is your battery draining too fast?

Your AirPods battery can deteriorate over time. For many users, it may last only for 30 minutes. As a result, you won’t be able to make long calls or listen to music while you’re walking because your AirPods will simply drain.

What can you do if your AirPods battery is draining too fast?

First, resetting your Apple device can help. Maybe your gadget has some connection or pairing issue. In order to reset your AirPods, follow the steps above.

Sometimes it helps if you fully drain your AirPods and then charge it fully again. With this method, you reset the battery cycle.

If nothing helps, you likely need a battery replacement. In that case, visit the nearest iPhone Repair Shop and check if this service is available.

How can you protect your AirPods?

To make sure that AirPods work properly for a long time, you need to protect them securely. Whether your AirPods are brand new or you purchased them a while ago, if you don’t have a case cover, it’s time to buy one. To protect your AirPods, you need to cover them.

Why do you need to protect your AirPods?

1.To prevent scratches

AirPods look great when we buy them, and we would like them to look great for as long as possible. The best way to protect it from scratches or other physical damages is to buy a good quality AirPods case so that they won’t look worn too quickly.

2.Drop protection

If you accidentally drop your AirPods, you don’t want them to be damaged by the impact. Make sure that you choose a case that provides adequate protection because accidents can happen at any time.

3.Personal style

Aesthetics is important for many people, and with a unique AirPods case, you can have an individual style.

4.Protection against loss

AirPods are quite small, so it’s easy to lose them. If you want to prevent this, you may choose a case that has a keychain. This way, you can attach it to your keyring or belt loop.

If you would like to buy some quality AirPod cases, check our products here.

Closing thoughts

When your AirPods won’t turn on or charge, there are many tricks you can try to fix the problem. If you can’t solve the problem yourself, you need to visit a professional repair shop.

Remember that it’s very important to keep your AirPods clean, safe, and protected all the time with a quality AirPods case so that you can enjoy your gadget for years to come.

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