4 Secure and sure ideas for keeping safely your iPhone

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When we talk about the defence system of your iPhone, then we are not thinking exactly the same thing, when what we think in the case of your laptop and personal computer. Obviously, everyone wants to keep safe his/her own personal data from unwanted / unknown persons. When we talk about the defence system, then primarily we are not just thinking about the characteristics of different antivirus softwares made for your personal computer but also something else. The most concerning problem is not electronical but rather physical: that is theft of your iPhone.
The products of Apple are very appealing to many people, so much, then e.g. in New York City iPhones are involved in 18% of the theft cases. Despite of theft being a huge problem for iPhone owners, this is not the only aspect of security that you have to pay attention to.
Here are some great ideas that can help you a lot in keeping your iPhone safe and secure:

  • Prevent theft of your iPhone!

Since this is the greatest security problem for the iPhone users, it is very important that you pay constant attention to your iPhone. Make sure that you have put it into your deepest possible pocket and a safe anti-slippery cover can be also very useful for you. If you keep your iPhone in your backpack or brief-case, make sure that you close and lock that part carefully where you have put your iPhone.

  • Security code!

In case your iPhone is stolen, you better make it sure that the person can not get and use your data and your information. One of the best and simplest solution in this situation is if you always turn on your built-in password. You can use the Find-my-iPhone function to create a new password even in case of theft of your iPhone. But this should be only your last and emergency solution because preventing the theft is a much better solution for you.

  • Use the TouchID!

If your iPhone has got the fingerprinting scanner function, then it is very advisable for you to turn it on because you can always use it easily and at the same time it creates a defence wall against illegitimate use of your iPhone by strangers. The iPhone 7, iPhone 6 and 6S, plus the SE series, in addition the 5S and iPad Pro, iPad Air2, and iPad Mini 3 and 4 models also got this refined and sophisticated function to use. I don’t even need to mention how much safer and reliable is to keep this kind of log in to your iPhone than using a simple 4 digit PIN code.

  • Turn on the tracking (following) function for your iPhone.

If your iPhone is lost or stolen, then the Find-my-iPhone function can help you to get it back. The free function of iCloud is using the built in GPS function to show you exactly on the map the location where the police can easily find it for you in case of theft. If you just lost it, then you can easily help yourself to track it’s location, it’s position. To turn on:

  • Choose the Settings function
  • Continue in the iCloud Menu
  • Here you have to enter into your log in function
  • You have to write your iCloud Username and Password
  • Turn on the Find-My-iPhone function

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