Pay attention to these 5 things if you buy a second hand iPhone!

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It is not a cheap deal to buy a brand new iPhone! Despite of the appearance of iPhone 7 pressing down the price, you can still find a more favourable solution. Buying a used iPhone can be misleading. Of course, you can save some money but you can get stuck in a situation that is better to avoid. Don’t panic, because we will give you some advices of what to do.

Carefully choose your options of shopping

Believe it or not, you have got very few options of buying a used iPhone. First probably you think about going on eBay and choosing the cheapest iPhone option you can find but before itis a good idea to check out some of the stores that sell used iPhones.

Check out if the Activation lock is switched off

If you buy a used iPhone that somebody else locked with the activation of a password, then itis protected on somebody else’s iCloud, then you will not be able to use it. It is important tocheck this out, otherwise you just bought some useless paperweight. If you buy it from a private person, then make sure you that he/she switched off the lock. The best way is to get it with all data deleted before you.

Stores selling used iPhones

If you live in a bigger city, then it is enough for you to walk down on a pedestrian street or go to a shopping center, and you will find a lots of traders and stands where you can buy your iPhone. Of course, the most reliable ones have got their own website where you can check out all the details of a given iPhone. It is worth to check them out on the Facebook or on the google to see how satisfied the past customers were on a 5 star scale.

Be careful to choose an iPhone that matches your service provider

Whether you buy your iPhone from a store or from a privat person you need to know who is the service provider or is it and independent iPhone number. There is a solution even if you buy it from a different provider but it will cost you extra time and money. Of course, if you can get an independent iPhone number then you will have no problems.

Check if the iPhone has got any damages

It seems to be obvious but don’t underestimate the importance of this statement.
If you have a chance to hold the iPhone in your hand, then pay attention to these things: Estetic damages like scrathes Voice and Sound system: Play some music to check it out
Check out the SIM Card case with a Flashlight to see if the white sticker has changed into red or pink. If yes, then the iPhone got some water into the system.
Besides checking out the damages, also ask the seller if he/she bought an AppleCare that he/she can give you.

Secure your purchase
As with any online purchase, safety is a very important issue. If you buy from eBay, then you can check the feedback about the sellers. If you see that there are many people unsatisfied with the seller, do not buy from him / her. Think about using the PayPal, so if you do not get the product or if you are not satisfied with the product, then you can get back your money this way.

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