iphone 7 waterproof
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What is IP67, IP68 water resistance?   Since the Apple iPhone 7, iPhones come with an IP67 to IP68 dust and waterproofing certification. BUT before you would dig yourself deep into underwater photography, it’s good to note, that this rating is “advisory only”. How waterproof is the iPhone 7 or 7 plus? Question: Can the …

blog15 what is new ios11
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What’s new in iOS 11?

100+ features and changes We’ve tried the iOS 11 in the last 2 days. Here are so many new features . We have found over 100 of the new items and changes found in iOS 11. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. 🙂 -New iPad Dock can hold 15 apps -Continuity …

blog14 we tried ios11
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We’ve tried the iOS11!

These are our favourite novelties Switching on the phone, the half eaten apple fruit logo appears, then the system starts relatively fast. There are hardly any change in the Home screen. The upper status bar has slightly changed, the cell signal and the battery bar have got new icons, but one easily skims over these …