We’ve tried the iOS11!

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These are our favourite novelties

Switching on the phone, the half eaten apple fruit logo appears, then the system starts relatively fast. There are hardly any change in the Home screen. The upper status bar has slightly changed, the cell signal and the battery bar have got new icons, but one easily skims over these alterations. The application icons mostly remained, the iTunes Store and the Podcast have changed, but in all sincerity, we don’t use it frequently. Their movability contains some novelty, moreover we would say, it’s improved, we can move more icons in the same time. Technological hit!

Otherwise, if we lock the screen we can easily recognise that the contour of the buttons has disappeared and the these merge into the background. By the way, the background has changed, so we can feel ourself in a wavy seashore. Notifications from your lock screen will get mirrored much better once you’ve unlocked, and you can also now swipe on the lock screen to see your entire backlock of notifications. This might be the thing that actually starts making us use the notification controls on iOS more.


A really noticeable change comes up when you drag up the control center. It has completely changed. The multi-screen control center is over, you have your most important settings in one place again, however it occupies the full screen. In exchange, you can customize the control screen to your needs.

The so-called “Dark Mode” was widely demanded in the newest opertation system, but it is out of the iOS 11. However in the Settings we can call forth the inverse mode, which implicitly shows the inverse of the colours. Cold comfort, but it can be effective against eyesore at night.


Digging in the iMessage – beyond some animations and emoticons – we can’t find new features in the outlook, but it has been flared with two major functions, therefore we can forgive the shortage of upgrade in the outlook. The first feature is in connection with the Apple Pay system, now users can pay someone via iMessage.


For the other feature we rejoice more, by this time the messages themselves are stored in iCloud and sync across devices. So for the one hand we can reach our messages from all devices, and for the other hand we can easier preserve our data.

Siri has a more natural voice and less “robot-like”. In addition, Siri is equiped with learning functions wherewith we can customize/personlize our favorite personal assistant to our demands. By now, Siri behaves as a singular person in the iPad and in the iPhone, so if she has learnt something in the iPhone, she will know it on the iPad as well.

An important innovation is that now Siri can use not only the Apple applications, but those which are developed by others. If it works, we can use her for online banking transactions or for booking tickets.

The compression of the photos and videos is very nice and totally renewed by Apple. The two new formats are the HEVC (for videos) and the HEIF (for photos). According to the promise of the producer the files will be compressed to the half keeping the pictures’ qualities. And you also don’t need to afraid that your new Windows PC won’t be able to open the files. This function is very useful in all devices, but it will helps the most for older, 16 GB machines.

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