The most common failures of iPhone 6 and the possible solutions

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How can you fix the failure of the landscape mode in iPhone 6?

If the iPhone 6 sticks in landscape mode, you can do the following:

Try to rotate it, it may help. If it doesn’t, push the Home and Power buttons together until the phone restarts. After the restart your problem will be solved.

How can you fix the Wi-Fi problems of the iPhone 6?

Unfortunately the Wi-Fi problems are recurring problems for iPhone 6 users. For some, the phone disconnects from the network, for others, the speed of the connection is outrageous.

If you are affected by the Wi-Fi problems with an iPhone 6, first, you could reset the network settings of the device. (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings). Your verification code will be needed.

If it doesn’t help, it’s worth switching off the Wi-Fi connenction. (Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services) Then restart your device!

The next thing to try is to “forget” the stored Wi-Fi networks: launch the Settings app, tap on Wi-Fi option, then tap on the Forget This Network button. A new window will pop up here asking you whether you are sure you wish to do this, so tap again the Forget button at the top of the screen. Then try to connect again!
In addition to the above hints, you could try to power down the router for 30 seceonds, then plug it in again. If this doesn’t work, it could be worth updating the router’s firmware for a newer version.
The problem could also be caused by a hardware failure as well, in this case the solution is to fix or replace the iPhone 6’s Wi-Fi modem.

How can you fix the Bluetooth problems of the iPhone 6?

Do not panic if you encounter Bluetooth problem at iPhone 6! it could be a hardware problem, if this is the case the only solution is to repair the iPhone 6’s Bluetooth. But before this, you should try the following:

First, restore the settings: Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Your verification code could be also needed to start the procedure.

If it’s not helpful, it’s worth making the device “forget” the Bluetooth connections – similarly to the Wi-Fi solution. (Settings > Bluetooth > choose the connection > tap the “Forget” button) Then try to reconnect

Hope you found this help full. If this is what you where looking for free feel to share with your friends and relatives. If you still have any queries, suggestion don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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