Which are the three most common problems with the iPhone 7?

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The iPhone 7’s battery goes dead quickly

The iPhones are much criticised for the weak capacity of their batteries, and it seems that problem still exists with the iPhone 7 as well. There’s no solution for this problem, but we can give you some tips to manage the situation.

First of all, check the data of the battery use! It’s easier to change the settings if you can see which applications and functions are using most energy. Furthermore, it’s worth checking the following:

  • Change your e-mail updates!
  •  Turn the brightness to a more energy-efficient mode! (To reduce the brightness page up from the bottom of any screen in order to open the control center and pull the roll of the brightness to the left.)
  • Turn off the application updates running in the background!
  • Update the software to the newest version!

If you notice that your battery life is drastically reduced, it’s worth visiting a reliable repair business as soon as possible, where the battery could be changed.

It can’t find the network after switching off the Airplane mode

Many iPhone 7 owners have complained that after switching off the Airplane mode the device signals that there’s no network. Although Apple hasn’t found the solution for this problem, we could suggest the following:

  • Restart your device!
  • If this didnt help, take the SIM card out, then put it back into the phone.

There are problems with the Wi-Fi

One of the most common problems with iPhones is the unsatisfactory quality of the Wi-Fi connection. For this problem we suggest trying the following:

  • Restart your iPhone!
  • ”Forget” or delete the given Wi-Fi network, then try to connect to it again! Launch the Settings app, tap on Wi-Fi option, then tap on the Forget This Network button. A new window pops up here asking you whether you are sure you want to do this, so tap again the Forget button. Then in the Wi-Fi option of the Settings app choose the network in question and connect to it!
  • If it doesn’t work, restore the network settings! (Settings > Genereal > Reset > Reset Network Settings)

Hope you all like this. If you found it usefull, free feel to share with your friends and relatives. If you still have any queries,or a suggestion please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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