6+1 smart tips to protect your iPhone, iPad or iPod on this summer

tips to protect your iphone

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It’s Summer and that means time to pack our suitcases ready for our holiday in search for some sun, sea and sand. Summer also marks the start of outdoor adventure and activity such as musical festivals, biking and running.

iPhone Repair Base always want you to get the best value for your devices and avoid unnecessary damage and costs, so read our tips to look after your devices in the summertime.

  • Keep your iPhone, iPad or iPod in the shade while you’re in the sun

All electronic devices heat up a bit when in use. Leaving your devices in the sun for too long may lead to overheating, which can damage the device’s battery, display and synthetic housing components. Overheating is a serious risk when it’s hot outside and can permanently damage or destroy your tech.

  • Don’t leave your iPhone, iPad or iPod in a hot car

You may think that it is safe to leave your smartphone in the car. On the contrary, this may actually slowly damaging it. Remove your phone from the car and take it with you. If it remains in the car and the car gets hot, your phone might “bake.”

  • Don’t take your phone to the beach

Every device has openings such as charging ports, jacks, and speakers. If you take your device to the beach tiny grains of sand can enter these gaps and cause havoc on the inside of your phone. The team here have seen sand inside charging ports and inevitably a repair is needed and in extreme situations if sand is left too long it can cause a bubbling or blistering effect to the battery, stopping it from working effectively. If however you can’t live without your device whilst on the beach pop it in a good closed case that prevents the ingression of sand.

  • Keep your device away from the sea

It’s common sense that dropping your phone in the sea is going to be problematic. This common sense doesn’t seem to prevail with iPhone Repair Base reporting that tens of thousands of holidaymakers return from holiday with a pool or sea drenched device. The pool selfie may seem a good idea at the time but even the smallest amount of water in your phone can be very destructive. Seawater contains salt and this is a highly corrosive element inside your devices and causes the phone to be damaged at a very quick rate. Chlorine in beach pools also contains chemicals which can also be very problematic and speed up the corrosion process. In non-technical terms, a liquid damaged device can mean damage on screens, batteries, ports and in the worst case scenarios the motherboard of the phone. The trick here is to not pocket your iPhone before heading out to go swimming.

  • Be careful when you do any sporting activities

The Summer can bring out the athlete in all of us and the dry weather encourages us to get fit and more involved in outside activities. Running, biking, hiking, and camping are all popular summer activities. Again be aware of the potential hazards that can have an impact on your phones. Runners and bikers report a huge spike in the number of smashed devices as they do not secure their phones correctly.

  • Take safety precautions with your device at a festival

We all love a hearing our favorite band at a festival but there are a number of potential hazards that you should be aware of before your £500 phone is lost or broken. There are a high number of reported thefts and lost phones at festivals and there are simple measures that can be taken to avoid this. The first being make sure that no one can access your phone by ensuring you have a passcode activated. Also make sure that if you have an iPhone that you switch on the Find my Phone Feature, which enables you to track your phone if stolen.

  • +1 Invest in a waterproof case.

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