iPhone 7, 7 Plus Audio IC Chip Repair, Replacement

iPhone 7, 7 Plus audio IC chip repair, iPhone 7, 7 Plus audio chip replacement

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To repair your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus audio IC chip just pop in at any time in our opening times or order online and post it to us.

Get your device repaired by professionals.

– New replacement highest quality part for your device

– Express repair, Free Next Day Delivery return

– 1 month warranty

What is the reason?

The problem is Apple’s faulty design.
“The materials used in the outer casing of the ‌iPhone are insufficient and inadequate to protect the internal components,” which ultimately results in the audio chip losing electrical contact with the logic board due to “bending” the device during normal use.
In particular, most problems are caused by the C12 “master clock” pad, which is essential for the operation of the audio IC and detaches. (Other pillows such as E12, G12, and H12 are also sometimes damaged, but C12 is the most significant).

If we fix the broken pad on the mainboard and the telephone is dropped after it has been fixed, or even if it bends a little, then the fault of the audio chip will appear again, as another conductor lead will break. This is why we advise against keeping the phone in your hip pocket, because there the phone is more prone to bending. This is the reason we give only 1 month warranty on this repair.

After 1 month warranty:

  • 2-12 months the repair cost is on half price
  • Over 1 year the repair cost is on normal price

Accessories for your device?

Our range of unique accessories includes replacement chargers, cables, earphones, cases, tempered glass screen protectors, etc. Add it to your service HERE and we will send it together with your gadget repaired.

SEND your iPhone 7 or 7 plus for audio chip replacement

1. Add this item to the Basket by clicking the “Add To Basket” button.

2. Complete the checkout with your address, contact number and choose the payment method.

3. Wrap your device safely. We suggest to use the Insured courier service.

4. Please send your gadget to:


21 Edmonton Close Kesgrave Ipswich Suffolk IP5 1HE

5. Once received, you will be contacted and the fixing will start immediately.

6. You will get a confirmation e-mail after we fix your appliance. We always return it with a recorded courier service.


Debit or Credit Card, PayPal, Bank


Before you bring/post to get your device fixed and it is still working, please, make sure all your data is in safe, you have an iCloud back up or you have backed up the phone on a laptop or PC.

Highly recommended backup iPhone before repairing to prevent the data missing issue. There can be issues that occur during a repair that cause the phone to not turn on or not accept iTunes that would make getting the information off the iPhone impossible. Indeed, iCloud provides easy way to backup iPhone.Go to Settings>iCloud and then scroll down to Backup. Here you can turn backups on and initiate a new backup immediately. If this is your first iCloud backup it might take a while to complete. Once the backup is complete, though, your iPhone will automatically backup when idle for an extended period of time and on an active wi-fi network. Of course, it is also simple to restore from iCloud after resetting your phone and choose “backup from iCloud”.


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