Will the iPhone 8 get the battery of the iPhone 7 Plus?

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The latest rumours turn up almost every week in connection with the specification of the next iPhone. You don’t need to listen to the more extreme and too futuristic ideas, but we can count on the reasonable ones, such as a fresh news about the expansion of the battery’s endurance. Will the iPhone 8 get the battery of iPhone 7 Plus?

Lessons from previous years tell us that a major part of the rumours are always true. Of course we aren’t thinking about the rumours about extreme features, but the intricacies of the hardware.

The battery of the phone and the endurance of the device are very important for both the users and for the repair services.

We presume that the lithium-ion batteries will be replaced sometime in the future, but it won’t happen in 2017 for sure. However, the new iPhone has to be released this year, from what we are expecting, because this is its 10th anniversary, so it should be a great hit. A solution for this is the expansion of the endurance, and, let’s be honest, it would be very useful for iPhones which are otherwise rather weak in this category.

General problem

As a proud owner of an iPhone 7, I know from my own experience that the device can work with minimal use for only 18-20 hours, so it needs to be charged at least once a day. Yesterday, for example, I forgot to put it on charge, so by 6 pm the battery level reduced to a few percentage. As I’d left my charger in the office, it went totally dead by my band’s rehearsal in the evening, which was quite annoying, because we wanted to record a video with it.

Based on my story, I suppose that all users would be happy if a premier category device could be able to work for 25-30 hours.

Everyone would be happy

As the lithium battery will surely be part of the market for some time to come, Apple has two possibilities to reach the much-wanted expansion of the battery life. The first is to put a bigger battery in the device, which would mean that either the size of the inner hardware would have to be reduced, or the phone’s frame would have to be bigger, don’t forget the jack cable was removed for the same reason. The other solution is to replace the hardware to be more compact and redesign the iOS in order to save the battery.

Otherwise iOS utilises the battery life well, even applications like Facebook that use a lot of power, but i dont think we will delete that!

Going back to the two previous statements, Ming-Chi Kuo who is rated a reliable analyst in Apple circles, suspects that both solutions will come true. Of course it’s not just a shot in the dark, but he mentions logical arguments.

The first is about the board, which have been redesigned, and takes up far less room.

LED vs. OLED displays

The other feature that may be more interesting for users. Apple has ordered 100 million OLED displays from Samsung, its biggest competitor. This huge number may imply that the new iPhones will have such displays. All the previous iPhones got LCD displays, so we can regard this change as an innovation. Among the most important differences between the two displays are their sizes and their needs of energy. Put simply, the OLED uses less energy and has a smaller size.

Moreover, according to the latest rumours, the display of the next iPhone will be wider, so much that the outer edge of the device will be reduced to the minimum, or it will disappear. As an effect of this change the smaller size iPhone 8 will get the same battery as the iPhone 7 Plus has. Now, the iPhone 7 has a battery with 1960 mAh capacity, but the iPhone 7 Plus has a stronger battery with 2900 mAh capacity. The difference between the two numbers is still big enough, but if we also take into consideration that the size of the new iPhone will be smaller, and its OLED display will use much less energy than the previously used LCD display, we could assume a improvement in the endurance of the device. By the end of the day we might be able to record some videos too. I hope the rumours are true!

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